About me

I have over 25 years of working experience in various branches in my back pack. Started out in advertising. Worked as a 'workflow consultant' for some years. Owned and ran an SME in turnkey company relocation. Had a great time, earned good money, but worked myself half to death.


Moved to Ireland with (hence) a hefty burnout at the end of the nineties, to enjoy a 10 year semi-sabbatical. Hardly earned any money but had a fantastic time. Learned about different values of existence and the green side of life.


Returned to the Netherlands in 2009 and to my strengths and talents: writing/language and entrepreneurship. Having always been fascinated by the marketing opportunities of the internet, I decided in 2013 to start focussing on this discipline.
Complemented my theoretical knowledge with a targeted training SEO copywriting and with Google's Digital Workplace. WordPress as a CMS holds almost no secrets for me anymore - as you can see from this (self made, of course) website.


Spoiled by all the peace and quiet of the Irish countryside, I never really felt at home in crowded Holland. In 2021 I decided to become an expat one last time and moved to France. As long as there is internet and telephone, the world is my office.

A lot to offer

Because of my extensive experience working with and for SME's, I have a lot to offer my clients. I can stand in the shoes of most entrepreneurs, think along with them and (with a fresh pair of eyes) offer advice that goes just a step further than merely providing a website, text or translation.

In short

I love what I'm doing and I enjoy helping (startup) entrepreneurs. I am also very much involved in animal welfare. From these points of view I can and want to work for SME's, startups and animal charities with profound commitment and at a friendly rate. Because earning money is nice, but getting satisfaction from my work is even nicer.

Shall we talk?

Johan Rikhof, algemeen directeur Cosmetic Clinics

Schrijven over botox en fillers vraagt een grondige verdieping in veel aspecten en enige voorzichtigheid bij wat je precies communiceert. Wat me het meest verraste, was de snelheid waarmee Monique zich de materie eigen maakte.

Edwin Donkers, copywriter bij Inwriting

Monique is de personificatie van het begrip klantvriendelijkheid. Voeg daarbij haar feilloze taalgevoel, haar ruime marketingervaring en haar goudeerlijke karakter en je hebt de perfecte sparring partner!

Boris Hoenson, oprichter KliniekAdvies en JobMatch

De teksten van Monique zijn altijd goed en ‘concise’, zouden de Engelsen zeggen. Geen woord teveel en dus altijd raak. Fijn, omdat daardoor de boodschap extra duidelijk is. Zoals in haar teksten, is Monique ook in de communicatie en samenwerking snel en efficiënt. Ze zorgt voor korte doorlooptijden en een stok achter de deur zodat er geen tijd wordt verspild. De combinatie tussen teksten schrijven en websitebeheer is ideaal. Aangevuld door de technische ondersteuning van Wim maakt alles bij elkaar dat je er zeker van kunt zijn dat dit soort zaken gewoon erg goed geregeld zijn. Slaap je toch weer lekkerder van!

Esther Vogelenzang, owner and MD Skin Tech Pharma Group BNLX

I have been working in two ways with Monique; in total 5 years; First in the relation of supplier and Clinic Manager and after she moved her career into online marketing and translations, I contracted her immediately to build a consumer website, write and create my newsletters and other communication because her talent is in mostly in her writing. Monique has a talent to write in a way that ‘you want to read further’.
Monique is positive, realistic, loyal and honest. For me these are characteristics that are important and I work with Monique with pleasure and high satisfaction.